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With a 24 hours long term analysis of the heartbeat and the heart rate variability (HRV) we are able to determine what you can do to improve your health – like a guide to a lifestyle that is ideal for your health. Control your inner strengths – and find new power!Are you keen on performance and like to challenge yourself in your job or your spare time?

Are you looking for more efficient ways to cope with stress easily?

• Do you want to improve your health in a fast and easy way and consequently increase your performance?
• Do you want to live your life more consciously and more relaxed?
• Do you want to recognize and rely on your own strengths?
• Do you want to identify your weaknesses in order to control them by using your strengths?
• Do you want to synchronise your everyday life with your internal body clock?
• Do you want to learn how to regenerate effectively and so gather renewed strength?
• Do you want to know where you stand, what your current biological age is and how to lead a new balanced life?

… If so, we can help you with a HRV long term analysis

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