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Are you interested in heart rate variability (HRV) training?

We are experts with many years’ experience in the fields of heart rate variability and its measuring, analysis and therapy as well as heart coherence training.

We are very experienced in therapy and training.

We’ve got 30 years of experience in therapy and 20 years in training in various healing professions. For 7 years now we train therapists in HRV analysis and biofeedback.

In our training we ideally combine theory and practice

With us and the help of the HRV analysis, you can learn how to detect, analyse and treat the state of your patients’ autonomic nervous system. HRV analysis is a scientifically proven approach and the basis of future methods of therapy. More and more people working in the health sector use this significant approach – take the opportunity to participate with your practice, too!

We offer various trainings

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