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Stress prevention

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Heart rate variability is the ultimate mirror image of your body. It is neutral, objective and significant.

the Goal:
a symbiotic relationship between health and work (Work-life balance).
Both of these “life partners” are strengthened by the heart rate variability

your Health:
You will:
- be fully rested againRecover your energy quickly again
- never again feel guilty after eating
- get a permanent update of your physical condition and therefore be able to take preventive measures against potential illnesses (burnout!)
- finally know where to start in order to relax
- finally be able to answer the crucial question: What is good and what is bad for me?

the Work:
You will:
- know how far to go in a stressful situation without hurting yourself
- know how to identify the signs of a burnout and take countermeasures
- get to know your “Achilles heel” and fix it
- know, if you are on the right way
- increase your performance without “burning out”

You will:
- always know how high your performance level is right now, because you will always have recent data at hand
- always have the right feeling as to where your physical boundaries are without overstrain
- challenge your body and feel great while doing it
- get a feeling as to which type of sports is the best one of you
- reconcile sports with your job

you will finally be able to enjoy your life!