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High-Tech & High-Touch – Measuring the Health Quotient: HQ⊃2;;

A new approach to develop peak performances

Latest scientific findings show that an improvement of the interaction between the nervous system, the heart and the brain increases performance. This is why a new approach is developed around the world that aims especially at the body: heart rate variability analysis and heart coherence training help to measure adaptability and to improve the interaction between the involved organic systems in order to increase vitality and performance. Moreover, additional measurable parameters are used to create a person’s Health Intelligence Quotient (HQ²) and increase it systematically.

In the last century, IQ2 was established as a means to measure mental intelligence. At the beginning of this century scientists also found out that, besides mental intelligence, emotional intelligence (EQ²) is another important key factor to enhance performance and success. This emotional intelligence can also be measured and trained.

The HQ² Health Quotient is a parameter for psycho-neuro-biological health. It can be put on a level with a global vitality and the intelligence of an individual to make healthy decisions. The Health Quotient consists of the following parameters:

Heart rate
Blood pressure
Heart rate variability
Heart coherence
Level of activity
Maximum oxygen uptake VO2max
Tissue structure muscle/fat/water
Structure of the neurostress hormones
Tension in body tissues / stiffness while doing the stretching test
Ability to relax

Out of these above-mentioned parameters, the HQ²Health Quotient is calculated. It can be improved systematically through various methods.