Punito M. Aisenpreis

Punito Michael Aisenpreis, *1958, physiotherapist and psychotherapist (osteopathy, Rolfing®, NLP, hypnosis, SE trauma therapy).

• Consultant on stress reduction
• health counsellor
• coach, therapy designer
• martial arts and meditation teacher.
• Owns a practice for physio- and psychotherapy since 1981.

Punito is manager/ director of ASI Akademie GmbH, a training academy for medical professions and managers.

Besides running the therapeutic practice, he works in the fields of performance optimization, stress reduction and process support for managers.

Punito looks back on many years of experience in medical training and therapy design as well as consultant for HRV Biofeedback systems. Moreover, he develops HRV-based individual concepts on stress reduction and independent therapeutic approaches (ASI Somatic Integration® and ASI Heart Coherence ® Biofeedback). He is co-editor of a book on overcoming traumas.

His focus lies on process support, health- and stress management, manager training and he is a consultant on HRV based biofeedback systems

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